The Secrets To A Successful Facebook Marketing in 2018

We have discovered unorthodox Facebook secrets to a successful marketing campaign, these secrets will put you on top of your Facebook marketing game.

Undisputedly, Facebook currently dominates the social network industry with over 2 billion subscribers and over 1 billion active users monthly. With the view to have a successful online marketing campaign, your strategy centered on Facebook as a primary platform for campaigning won’t be a futile venture. In some cases, Facebook is considered the only social network for some marketers that have mastered the secrets through numerous campaigns that has resulted to profits and sales.

Even though the interface of Facebook might be appealing and simple to configure your way out with the intuitive clicks on the Facebook campaign manager, you need are more than just intuitive clicks but tactics in check when using Facebook for marketing. You should always put in mind that Facebook is out to make profit and will scrutinize every step you make.

For example, Facebook sponsored advert can be activated for as low as $1 with an estimated number of people regarded as your prospective customers. This inflated estimated number gives an incline that you’re on track. Don’t be deceived, Facebook algorithm wouldn’t take your advert to those who actually need it because you haven’t spent enough regardless of those you’re targeting. It’s all scam!

The principle of spending money to make money started from Facebook, you spend big bucks, Facebook will take your campaign right to those who need to see your campaign. The algorithm can’t go wrong!
In this expository article of Facebook marketing success, we will be sharing secrets though unorthodox but very effective. I congratulate you because you’re about to strike gold on Facebook.



There are millions of Facebook groups with billions of members in them. The truth is, Facebook groups are underrated but can be very effective depending on your campaign strategy; Is your campaign provocative? Will they cause engagement? Will it stir emotions? Your positive answers to these questions means your campaign can fly and generate massive traffic on Facebook group alone. Mind you, I said “traffic” not sales and awesome feature about a Facebook group is that it is absolutely free! The only challenge you stand the face with a Facebook group is to find the groups in your niche and even if you find those groups, you may encounter verification hurdle with the admins that lock their groups or even monetize these groups due to the number of member they have amassed. You won’t blame them, they have also worked hard to get thousands in some cases millions of members to join their group.
Another hack to Facebook groups is that you can join more than 10 groups, I can’t say for sure the total number of groups you can join on Facebook but since it’s a group, you are entitled to join as many groups as you wish. In any case join all the available groups that are free, in your niche and put in mind to abide by the rules and regulations to be followed on the group as long as you have chosen to be a member. Violation of those rules put you at risk of being removed.


Humans naturally want everything free, not everyone says no to a gift. Even though this is an old trick in the book of marketing, it is still one campaign secret online marketers don’t know how to get the best of this strategy. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging on this. When running promotional campaigns, always understand that your target is focused on earning or receiving the gift in this case I call “a bait” and is ready to do whatever you say to ensure they are valid participants of this “bait”. Having in mind that your targets have gotten your attention, you put them through a process that ensure you achieve set goals as to the reason of the promotional campaign; followers increase, website traffic, exposure and awareness, market saturation etc.
Campaign strategy regarding promotional giveaways are flexible and should be tailored with a primary focus to checkmate your campaign goals. You should also be careful with the gift you want to give, it should worth the time and prudently tangible.


Facebook is a community that comprises of all and sundry; comprises of the doubters, the diehard fans and the dummies (no offense). There are some people that a sponsored advert is the reason they will doubt the authenticity of a brand or product. They are only moved or rather convinced by a third person’s opinion who they see as a pillar of truth and an authority to vet the product or the brand in question.
Influencers marketing also goes a long way to drive the loyal fans to your camp through the bandwagon effect, they believe it’s the new trend, the best since their idol is affiliated and a must have or else they are not a true fan. Although the challenge that influencers marketing poses is that it can be very expensive and the search for the so-called influencers can be a futile venture.
Take a break! You don’t need a Justin Bieber before you can run a successful Facebook campaign, all you need do is to get as many normal Facebook users to talk about your brand or product. You can at least get 10- 50 people to say something positive about your brand free of charge and watch the magic happen. Facebook algorithm will reach out to friends of friends and that’s how the story propagates on and on and on and on. The Facebook algorithm will read it as relevant and will continually show it to friends of friends, friends outside your circle and so on. You dig?


Yes, you saw it right, comments. I came across this as a mistake while stalking a brand that has many Facebook likes. While stalking, I found out that similar brands commented on the comment section of the post and I was curious about them and went on stalking them too. Eureka! That was how I made my discovery.
Since then, I clearly saw the power of a comment post if well written, concise and catchy. We are bored humans and the timeline aren’t as interesting as they used to be, to help break boredom, the comment section is where the fun is. You can make yourself masters at creating emotional stirring comments and attract your potential customer. All you need do is to be creative with your comment, make it short and simple and very importantly make sure your page that you’re attracting people to has good content to make them stay enough on your page.
Another secret to Facebook comment is to post a comment on sponsored post. Awesome yeah? The cool thing is that it is absolutely free. Comment on a sponsored ad with your best pitch and the comment goes wherever the sponsored ad goes. You call that strategic commenting.


As a new brand on Facebook, growing your Facebook followers isn’t easy as it seems, many factors come to play as you constantly reach out with updates, promotions and sponsored adverts. These followers won’t come and you can’t be discouraged, things have just changed recently on social media, you need to understand the attitude of the followers your targeting.
Some users are not motivated to follow new brands with very small followers or their followers are more than the brands followers. Truth be told these are the attitude people exhibit on social network especially in Africa. In the reverse, large following base means that:

– Your page is an interesting page to have so many followers,
– Your brand is popular,
– You will have something to offer,
– And lastly, you don’t look new on the social network.

Getting followers and like increase has been made easy, you can get the total number of followers you heart wishes just with this a click. If you’re a new brand, it is best advised you start big, then start small. Social network users are motivated by numbers.