How To Grow Your Instagram Account

How to grow your Instagram account.

Do you have an Instagram business account or even just a regular account and you want to grow your follower base? There are steps to take, so if the plan is to boost your follower base without having to buy followers or the likes, this article would go a long way in helping out with that- provided you follow the steps listed below.

Use popular hashtags
In article writing or blogging, to increase the chances of the said article or blog post coming up when you use a search engine, keywords are used, in the SEO description, in the topic headline. Hashtags are like the keywords for Instagram. They help to narrow down people’s search to the specifics. According to a TrackMaven study, it was discovered that interactions are highest on Instagram posts with 11+ hashtags. Using quality and popular hashtags- not banned hashtags helps to draw a considerable amount of audience (both people that are following you on Instagram and those that are not) to your post. Be creative with the hashtagging and don’t end up using the overused and generic ones like #nice##cute#, if you’re stuck, you can use search engines to get suggestions.

Use clear and quality pictures
We know Instagram is all about pictures and also that people tend to pay attention to attractive things and things that catch their fancy both online and offline (I personally won’t stop to look at a blurred image on Instagram or one with a bad background) so if you want to increase your presence on Instagram; be it a personal account or a business page, the pictures you should upload should be clear, interesting, eye-catching. Take pictures with an attractive background where everything is in focus. If it is a business account, quality and clear pictures of the merchandise would attract customers and thereby help in increasing your Instagram presence in the long run.

Host Giveaways
Nothing good comes easy, to gain a presence on Instagram, you have to find a way to draw as many people as possible to your post or page, and what other way to do it than to conduct giveaways. This might not necessarily favour those running personal pages but those running business pages would benefit a lot from it. You can make being a follower of your page or tagging your page during the course of the competition one of the criteria for participating. And of course the competition must be legit- you don’t want to lose credibility.

Be consistent
Every good thing you have to work for needs consistency and it applies to even growing your follower base on Instagram. Major pages on Instagram with a large number of followers’ base post as much as two-five pictures in a day every day. Don’t be lazy with posting on your page. Also, replying comments can go a long way in helping you grow a presence on Instagram and recently, they’ve made it so easy that even if you cannot reply everyone’s comment, you can at least like it.
So dear Instagrammer, follow these steps diligently and watch your follower base skyrocket!

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The advantages of social media marketing

As the internet has exploded in popularity, we’re finding more and more ways to use it. This has led us all to become familiar with terms like ‘social media’. This allows us to connect with people from all over the world in a way that creates an easy to digest infographic about our lives. Social media is a way to connect- with people, businesses, and individuals who can help with networking. It’s no wonder that it’s become one of the best tools for marketing out there! Traditional marketing used mass media to try and get the name of businesses or services into the public eye. They also used things like print media, as well as display media. None of this was as effective as using the internet.

Ads pop up in our email accounts and on the edges of our internet browsers constantly while we surf the web. These can easily be ignored or deleted. This is where the versatility of social media comes in. When scrolling through a personal ‘news feed’, or section where friends are able to make posts about their lives- you can see ads inserted. These ads are often geared towards previous searches. There’s also a way to create entire social media sites dedicated to a specific business. It’s extremely important that these business social media accounts be properly promoted, or they don’t do anyone any good.

Exposure is one of the cornerstones of advertising. The more people who see your products or logos, the more customers you’ll ultimately end up with. Social media has become one of the best advertising modules in the entire world. It’s something that everybody seems to use, and most people are very familiar with. This makes it probably one of the most important marketing tools of this era. People can become famous just by having a huge Internet following. There are even companies that can help you to get more followers in Nigeria. This leads to international fame, and eventually might allow you to make a living just by capturing your life online.

Over 80% of businesses claim to have received some sort of advantage using social media accounts. They’ve seen an uptick in customers from all over their area. Then, there are some people who have other goals. Instagram stars have become incredibly popular. These are people who gain fame simply by taking photographs of what they’re doing. The more followers you have, the more likely you are to get sponsors and advertisers. This is a newer way to make a living, but definitely one to consider if you can get popular enough.

If you’re trying to brand yourself, you’ll also want to consider using a Facebook page. You can do entire Facebook pages that reflect your business or yourself as a brand. You can amass a huge group of followers, and ultimately end up becoming known enough to also attract people who are willing to pay you to advertise their products. They know that the more people that see your Facebook page, the more that people will also see their products or webpages.

In a world that’s facing a newer and brighter technological age, it’s very important to move with the times. Advertising and branding your own self using different methods of social media has become extremely important. There are professional companies that can help you to increase your following, and who can help you to create the online persona that you need. If you plan on creating a career out of social media accounts, then it’s definitely worth it to give one of these companies a call.