How To Be Relevant In 2018 Using Social Media

The reason you’re not popular in 2018 is because you’re yet to employ these strategies to gain massive exposure on social media. Since the advent of social media in the early 2000s, the world gradually shrinked to a small community where distance doesn’t exist and information became a commodity. The demand for information both graphical and textual went off the charts for those seeking it and those spreading it. The struggle to constantly get and give information led to recognition on various social networks. In essence, these social network users over time amassed large number of followers within a stipulated period of time due to consistency and informative updates.

The Hard Truth
Regardless of who these social media users are whether as a brand or individual, they are recognized authority due to their contents and very popular on their respective social networks. Even with the fact that social network bridges the gap between users; a potential place to meet like minds, a hub of expression and a platform to becoming the next big thing online.
Truth be told, you can’t achieve this fate overnight. Social media is also small community where you can be found missing. It takes strategies and reasonable investment of resources vis a vis; time, money, content and consistency to become what you envisage of your social media presence.
Don’t worry, you’re in luck! Sit tight, as we through the best working strategies that will make you relevant in 2018


Whether you like it or not, you can’t be on all social networks. Even if you have more than one, you will be able to manage four effectively if there is a set goal. There are over 60 social networks that will take forever to list notwithstanding, there is a social network that fits your personality and brand. To gain social media popularity, you need to seriously consider how effortlessly you will function if you join a network. For example, all the beauty and fashion models are on Instagram the reason because Instagram is about “VISUALS”. If you’re lucky to be very good looking, you should to be on Instagram.

Originality is you in the presence of a billion people, in your closet, in your church and with your phone! Don’t ever try too hard to impress people. How long will you keep up the act? Social media is used by humans and not robots, your followers at the long run will be able to tell you’re all fake and that can be very catastrophic and injurious to your brand image because the internet never forgets. Be real, simple, weird and controversial as possible because that is you!
One major social network that thrives on originality is twitter, it is very easy to gain twitter followers if you’re true to your identity and can defend your brand no matter what.

Spontaneity is the ability to act in the spur of the moment, being spontaneous is to recognize an opportunity and grab it with all the limbs you’ve got. Viral contents over the years have changed the lives of a lot of people and they are now superstar due to spontaneity, most viral contents are published without a preeminent thought of it going viral but someone with a phone will intervene by capturing a scene, commenting, voicing out an opinion or simply just be asking if a dress is blue, black or gold. This is key to social media success, some have been lucky to be at right place at the right time and they seized the moment. Don’t ever miss a chance to seize your moment.

Honestly this is the short cut to becoming a social media success and we offer all kinds of services you could find from followers increase to post engagement. If you must follow these strategies as I have listed them in chronologically order and it seems not to work out for you on social media, your money will break the walls to reach your target. With as low as $1 your can reach a defined target audience that will dig your style, personality and content. At a pocket friendly price, you can instruct your social network the exact people you want to see your content isn’t that great? It even gets better because we offer these services at a very cheap rate that will guarantee you online success.

There are many reasons to purchase an existing user account on certain social network that allows profile edit and change of username. New brands joining social media can’t wait for organic growth which is bound to consume time. Peradventure you were a victim of hackers or perhaps you couldn’t access your account for some reasons. You can pull a bigger string by purchasing an existing user account, putting to mind that the user account must be thoroughly investigated to ensure a smooth transaction. Some individual actually sell user account for a living especially Instagram, they grow the account with follower and sell to prospective buyers who can afford it. The thing to this last strategy is that these user account can be very expensive but a time saver. Lastly, you must be convinced that the account you’re about to purchase has your target audience or it will be a pig in the poke.