Four Ways to Gain Followers on Twitter without Bots

Time is of the essence, and during a person’s valuable time he or she can direct their attention to whomsoever they think deserves it. This is especially true on Twitter, where tens of millions of users strive to gain substantial followings.

Without any assistance from bots or spam tactics, here are 4 things you can do for how to increase your Twitter followers.

1.Tweet More Often

Twitter calls for content strategies that are more intense than the likes of Instagram.

According to research, the minimum times you have to tweet in order for more people to notice you are 3 tweets. That does not seem like a lot of effort, and at the same time, it doesn’t sound like a lot of opportunities to present your content to others, but tweeting more will maximize your engagement and discoverability. Some companies with social media managers will post as many as 20 tweets per day. Considering how many people are on Twitter at a time (which is millions), companies find it more appropriate to tweet more than what is necessary.

Individuals tweet to not only promote themselves, but to reply to other tweets, react to news articles, and share interesting facts or statistics that may be worth learning for other followers.

Tweeting also must be done on a consistent basis to let people know that you are active and posting new tweets every day (or at least every now and then).

2.Time Your Tweets

With Twitter analytical software, you can determine the best times of day and week to Tweet. These times of day and week will be when many Twitter users log on at a time. Tweeting during popular times of the day will allow you to expose yourself to more people.

When learning how to increase your Twitter followers, you do not need to dedicate hours a day on the social media platform. Companies will tend to schedule tweets at times where their followers are most active, while also tweeting in real time.

3.Show More Visual Content

Tweets that contain videos, images or GIFs (animated images) are more likely to receive likes and re-tweets than tweets with just plain text. Infographics are another type of visual content that can contain lots of complex data that can be interpreted in an easy and creative way. Many people tend to prefer reading infographics on social media than reading walls of text on the company’s own website.

As a result, companies will create their own visuals to accompany a post. To share an exciting statistic, for example, they will create a pie chart or graph in image form to share on Twitter. While there is nothing bad at all about just plain text-based tweets, images are capable of catching the attention of people who tend to scroll through pages and pages of tweets on a timeline.

Businesses tend to create cohesion with their visuals, so they use the same corporate colors, fonts, and designs throughout all of their content for added professionalism.

4.Re-tweet and Reply Frequently

While you can schedule tweets for added engagement, you do not want your account to look like it is being run by a robot. You need to know that somebody is listening to people who are tweeting to you, so re-tweets and replies that happen as soon as possible will encourage others to follow you more for your timeliness and professionalism. Re-tweeting of other people’s tweets is also a great opportunity to be exposed to new potential customers. Doing these things don’t require much effort, so take advantage of them as much as possible.

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